Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brazos & IH-35 - NW Bank Proposals

Daytime Fun District
- Exotic & relaxing fun for tourists and all ages in the daytime.

Similar Districts
- Barton Springs Rd
- Salado

Proposed Attractions
- Neon WACO sign on Waco Suspension Bridge (or elsewhere)
- Waco history museum/visitor center with Huaco Indian artifacts
- Cuban restaurant (Chinese, Carribean & African fusion)
- Beatnix Coffeehouse
- Salsa & downhome country restaurant
- Farmer's market produce stand
- Half Price Books for reading on the river
- Mini-golf course
- Bat colony under the bridge as natural mosquito control and a cheap tourist attraction
- Shotgun’s Roadhouse (in revamped WaterWorks building)
- Botanical garden
- Paddleboat Gardens - clear-botttom paddleboats in small pond with koi
- Casino
- "Lake Brazos (Pkwy) Fair" or "Elm St Fair" - a clean, walkable bazaar lined with curio shops, booths, vendors, street musicians & performers, flea market, etc. (This neighborhood would have to be cleaned up, gentrified and well-secured first, though.)

Aesthetic Features
- Romantic brick, fire & water theme
- Outdoor fire pits


  1. I'm not sure if Waco could support a LARGE Cheesecake Factory, but mabye SMALLER SCALED one. If placed in the right development ( and easily seen from I-35), this is sure to be a hit!!

  2. A downtown farmer's market may actually be in the works now!

    Fans of fresh food push for farmers market downtown

    About 20 downtown advocates, producers and fans of fresh food met this week to plan an informal market that could start as early as June.

    “A farmers market is the No. 1 thing I hear when I ask people what they want to see downtown,” said Chris McGowan, the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce urban development director, who led the meeting Wednesday. He suggested starting with a small, “spontaneous” operation in a parking lot.

    “We want people to show up, have a good time and make some money so we can build this into something sustainable,” he said.

    “It is, as long as people will keep good-quality merchandise,” said Barrow, who runs a peach orchard. “There’s a big demand for fruits and vegetables. People get apprehensive about buying produce at the store because every time you turn around, there’s a recall.

    “They would like to have locally grown food that’s fresher and safer.”

  3. Beautiful, historic downtown Praetorian lofts available now!!!

    @ 601 Franklin Ave.


  4. We need a Berryhill Baja Grill. PLEASEEE!!!!